About us

There are all sorts of reasons you are visiting my site, maybe you are wanting to cut down on your alcohol consumption, taking a complete break from drinking, pregnant, fed up with a hangover or simply wanting to adapt to a healthier lifestyle, but the one thing we all have in common is wanting to find a pleasant, grown up replacement for alcoholic wine.

For me, I wasn’t enjoying writing off the day after drinking alcohol, but I also wasn’t enjoying replacing alcohol with traditional soft drinks or plain old water either and so began my search for a decent bottle of non-alcoholic wine.

I quickly realised two things; One, there was not much choice in Jersey and Two, I had to accept that non-alcoholic wine is not always going to taste just like alcoholic wine and to enjoy them, I had to taste them with an open mind. Some are so like their alcoholic cousin and you honestly wouldn't be able to tell and others present a unique and interesting taste but if generally you are not expecting an exact replica of alcoholic wine, you will be pleasantly surprised by how the non-alcoholic wine measures up. Once I thought of the wines in a different way, I really began to enjoy them and now even prefer them.

Non-alcoholic wine feels grown up, you are drinking out of a wine glass and so you feel like you are joining in with the party. The wines go really well with food and the sparkling ones are great for joining in with celebrations.

The non-alcoholic wine industry is booming, growth is predicted to rise disproportionally and by 2028 it is predicted to be a massive global market. With this in mind, wine makers have stepped up their game and are perfecting the extra process of extracting the alcohol as all non-alcoholic wines once contained alcohol. This has resulted really good palatable alternatives to alcoholic wine.

All the wines for sale in this site, I have personally tried and have chosen them for the quality and stunning tastes.

So, go on, choose a few, treat yourself, I absolutely promise you, you won’t regret it.